Construction of urbanizations and infrastructures

Urbanization is the last step of reconversion and redevelopment of an area to make it suitable and usable by society. The urbanization works are all the facilities and services necessary to make a new settlement suitable to accommodate new inhabitants.

They are divided into two categories:

  • Primary urbanization works (that is, the minimal and indispensable works for the viability of a new urban area.
  • Secondary urbanization works (i.e., the works needed to complete the facilities).

In this area General Disassembly has already taken important steps in recent years, in order to provide a service to 360# in decommissioning activities.

General Smontaggi has been working for a long time with great professionalism in the realization of primary urbanization works such as residential roads, parking or parking spaces, construction of sewerage, water networks and green spaces equipped.

Essential and necessary works to ensure adequate urbanisation of new settlements and to ensure their functionality and quality.