Remediation of materials containing asbestos

In recent years, as a result of the controversial judgments concerning the victims of asbestos and because of its enormous danger, asbestos is considered a carcinogen, for this reason in Italy with Law 257 of 1992, its production and installation were banned.

General Smontaggi possesses the authorizations and authorizations to carry out the activities of reclamation of assets containing asbestos, in the specific one:

  • Category 10A: Remediation of building materials containing asbestos bound in cement or resin matrices. More commonly it refers to asbestos cement known as Eternit. Typical plates in eternit to cover a roof, pipes or chimneys in eternit.
  • Category 10 B: Friction remediation, insulation materials (panels, cups, paper and board, textiles, spraying materials, stucco, enamels, bitumen, glues, gaskets, other insulating materials), pressure vessels, end-of-life equipment, other inconsistent materials containing asbestos.

General Disassembly performs in absolute safety and in full compliance with legislation and legal procedures, all the removal, disposal and encapsulation of materials containing asbestos. It possesses all the professional requisites for the management and execution of the activities of reclamation materials containing asbestos. The personnel are in possession of the specific training courses and their qualification.